About The Game of Humanity

The Game of Humanity is a fun and educational online game about humans and human nature. Players lead tribes of “Peeps” through the key events in human history, competing and cooperating with each other along the way. For 1 to 4 players, ages 12 to 200,000 (and ideal for parents playing with their kids).

A History and Herstory of Us

Wave Token, one of the tribes in this fun, educational game.The The Game of Humanity is an invitation to appreciate the miracle that we are here now — the culmination of almost 14 billion years of cosmic and global and microscopic activity that had to happen exactly as it did for us to be at all.

The The Game of Humanity spans the full arc of our history, from the pre-human majesty of the Big Bang to the climatalogical and political problems of the Here Now — and even to the foreseeable future 80 years hence. In the space of an hour or so, the game will take you (alone or with a few friends or classmates) on a path that visits many of the most important landmarks of our biological and cultural evolution.

As a tribe leader, your objective is to develop a large, diverse, and sustainable group of Peeps for the furtherance of our species. But there’s also a chance you’ll be swept up in The Rapture and leave your worldly concerns behind. Learn more about the rules.

Like our species, The Game of Humanity is a labor of love in progress. We welcome your feedback, suggestions, contributions, attributions, additions, modifications, corrections, rejections, projections, dissections, etc., using the contact form.

Credits and Debits

  • Reed Gesteland, Project Coordinator
  • Maurice Iten, Senior Game Designer
  • Vadym Kedych, Developer
  • Dan Gilbert, Graphic Designer

Thank you for playing The Game of Humanity.

David Simon