Living Large with Live Board

The Game of Humanity is a mobile game designed to allow all players to share one device — a smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.— while displaying the game board on a large monitor for all players to see.

This mobile game is meant to be played with up to three other Homo sapiens (though it has a single-player mode, too). You’ll see how the “Human Nature Challenges” in the game come alive when you confront other Tribe leaders face-to-face. Will they Aid or Raid your Tribe on your journeys through time?Learn more about the rules.

The board of The Game of Humanity lays out a 14-billion-year path through human history. Some players will find the spaces on the board interesting even when it isn’t their turn. Viewing the board as a whole lets you appreciate the path in context and while keeping track of other players. You can do this by displaying the game on a large monitor or TV. In this mode, it’s a mobile game that all players can see.

We are currently working on a feature we call “Live Board”. It will provide a web page to display the game board on a second computer or smart TV. Live Board will show you where all players are on the path, but it will hide player input. See the simple instructions below.

As an alternative, if you have an AppleTV, Chromecast, or similar device, you can mirror the screen of the game to a TV so everyone can see. In this case, remember to ask other players to close their eyes when entering input.


We're working on a new mechanic for our mobile game - The Live Board.


Using Live Board

  • Start or resume a game from your computer, tablet, or smartphone;
  • eye-con inside the mobile game.Find the “Live Board Code” for that game by clicking or tapping the “eye” in the bottom-left part of the game frame;
  • From the second computer or web-capable TV, go to and enter the Code to see the full board updated in real time.