Playing the Game

First Turn

The game starts at the Beginning of Time with the creation of the Universe. This can unfold over six days or 13.7 billion years, depending which path players take on their first turn.

Before players spin for the first time, they are asked to predict the number they will spin. Those who predict correctly take the shorter path of the Biblical creation story; those who predict incorrectly take the longer path of the Scientific creation story.

Pre-Human History

Of course, there were no humans at the Beginning of Time, so each player begins the game as simply an inchoate idea of what it will be like eventually to represent a human.

Players take on a solid form when they reach the point along the path where Homo sapiens emerged several hundred thousand years ago.

Human Nature Challenges

A player landing on a brightly colored space faces a Human Nature Challenge, usually involving an exchange of Peeps with one or more other Tribes.

Each such challenge draws on players’ notions of generosity, selfishness, gratitude, guile, etc. — any of which may change as the game progresses and experience with other Tribes accrues.

Aid or Raid?

If a Tribe lands on a space occupied by another Tribe, each of them must decide whether to “aid” or “raid” the other.

  • If both aid, they receive 10 Peeps each.
  • If both raid, they lose 2 Peeps each.
  • If one aids and one raids, the raider takes 5 Peeps from the aider.

Each time those two Tribes occupy the same space, the stakes increase.

Last Turn

When players reach the STOP sign near the end of the path, this becomes their last turn. They are offered one more spin and are asked to predict the number they’ll spin.

Those who predict correctly enter The Rapture, where winning is irrelevant. Those who predict incorrectly bask in the Here Now and collect a modest pension until all Tribes have finished.