The object of the game is to accrue and maintain a large and diverse tribe of Peeps for the good of our species. To that end, players may find the following information helpful:

  • Evolutionary biologists warn that groups of humans with more than 150 members are inherently unstable. This warning applies to tribes of Peeps, as well.
  • Diversity is reflected by the colors of a tribe’s Peeps. A tribe with, say, 10 Peeps of all six colors is considered more diverse than one with 15 Peeps of only four colors.
  • Tribes that reach Here Now while other tribes are still on the path receive a pension of one Peep each time it would’ve been their turn to spin. This is the only reward for getting around the board before one’s opponents.
  • Evolutionary biologists note that the interplay of competition and cooperation between groups of humans was an important factor in our species’ success. This applies to tribes of Peeps, as well.
  • Tribes swept up by The Rapture are immediately released from worldliness and disappear from the game in all respects.